ghana president & police.png
Ghanaian President,Akufo Addo/Ghana Police

Ghanaian President, Akufo Addo has decided to remove pockets from police uniforms as part of measures to curb down bribery in his country. It was resolved that the new police uniforms to be released from August 2017 would have no pockets.

The new proposal if implemented would leave many police grumbling as to where they would hide monies they take at the roadside. SL published that the Ghanaian police command has decided to resist if their uniforms are made pocketless as these pockets serve an important purpose-that is adding beauty to their appearance.

The Ghanaian police which resides as the most corrupt on the Ghanaian corruption ladder seems to be the first to be hit by President Akufos anti-corruption rod. Few days to the month of August, many wait to see the implementation phase of this decision.

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