Few hours ago we learnt of the death of a man shot in the head by two teenagers at Brigton park of Chicago. His last words were “I ‘m with my kids”. Reports say the 25 year old man was talking to his girlfriend and kids through a van window when two teens strolled up beside the vehicle.Screenshot_2017-06-12-03-18-19-1.png

Witnesses said the teens asked the man what gang he belonged to. Though he explained “I’m with my kids”, the first teen ordered the second to shoot him. Despite echoes from his girlfriend who also pleaded they both were having some fun with their kids; the teen took out a pistol and shot the man in the forehead. After the man dropped to the ground, the teen stood over him and shot him twice more in the chest.

The man’s two kids (2 years and 5months) were rushed inside by their aunt who testified they kids cried for over an hour. The helpless girlfriend cried till he was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

Many expressed the fear of living their kids go out around this neighborhood. “It is either you keep them home or they go out and join a gang”. A neighbor worries.