For reasons yet to be figured out, New Bell’s Jovi threw slangs at Motherland Empire’s Stanley Enow, Magasco and Pit Baccardi few hours ago on twitter. Jovi calls Stanley Enow, his biggest fan and one who enjoys his music. His nickname Wet P (full spelling for Wettest Pussy) has raised eye brows nationwide. Their chats have received many more shares than usual

Fans reacted and labeled Jovi for misconduct on social Media while comments from others back Jovi, saying there must be some reason for his comments.

The King Kong Gorilla fired back daring Jovi to come to Douala within the next 24 hours and get the lesson of his life. He even went further to post his pic and promised hell for Jovi where ever he sees that face.

On Facebook, Fans have decided to settle the scores the old fashioned way. Baron in the entertainment Industry and Tzy’s Manger, Ngwane Denzel posted

“football!!! I am organizing a football match. Team Jovi Vs Team Stanley Enow. Drop your names and team below, send your contact to be added to the official whatsapp group… let the games begin.”

See screenshot of twitter messages below…