Richard Bona, Cameroonian musician

In a recent post on social media, the Legendary Cameroonian artist, Richard Bona commented on the current Anglophone issue in Cameroon. As a celebrity, Bona stands against oppressive rule. Once he was invited by the president for an honorable medal which he turned down. 

Richard Bona in one of his fearless messages tells the Cameroon government to stop sending private spies on him though he is out of the country. 

“You’re not aware your secret service and your entourage are on my person???…Well, Guess what, my welcome back committee is ready to receive .If you are gonna do it, Go all the way. But-Make-No-Mistake I-do-not-Fucking-play Games…I will Smoke them big TIME…And my skin is TUFFFF…Silent in my corner since my departure from Cameroon Playing my music…

…It’s already begun…And I play dirty trust me…Ninja….”

Recently, he responded to a call by DJ Sam Mobit on social media questioning their silence on the Anglophone problem in Cameroon. His fearless reply to this call created an international alarm. See screen shots of his comments…