Mile 17 inhabitants, merchants and travelers came out in their numbers on Tuesday 31st January 2017 as they watched the burning flames of fire ravage 5 stores at the mile 17 motor park Buea.

Reports say the fire was intended to warn those who opened their shops on Monday violating the ghost town Campaigns. It has been carefully carried out by night and the population only gazed at the ruins the next morning. An observer tells “Arrey~B” that when they saw the fire, they tried breaking locks to save some things but it was already late. One Mr. Sule suffered a great loss. It is also alleged that a huge sum of money was burnt in the ravaging flames.

However, many have wondered how these guys could successfully set five stores on fire without the police noticing it considering the fact that they always patrol this area. If e comot for meter, meter for burn but police dem be go wusai time whe this store dem d burn?” Somebody wondered.

An observant look at the fire reveals that the fire was fanned by a burning tire thrown to the roof. The dry plank however embraced it like food in a salivary mouth to produce more flames. Millions ruined in a night, the owners could do no more as they gazed at their investments melt into the fire. Items such as laptops, motor parts and other automobile accessories were consumed in the fire.