Forbah Alphon, a 33 years old man was caught making love with a 22 year old Jovita Bawa, a form 5 student in Government Bilingual High School Mbeukong Ndop . It was thanks to the quarter elements that Mr Alphon is well after he escaped torture and disgrace.

The said teacher tried getting a relationship with the student which had occasionally failed . She never told him she had a fiancé. After a month struggle, he decided on November 16, 2016 to pay her a visit at Mbeukong quarter ,Bamunka Ndop. It was only during a surprise visit by Her boyfriend who keeps a spare key to her door that the gracious couple was caught in Adams suit. Mr Forbah  in an attempt to dress up was attacked by the intruding fiancé but fought his way out and jumped into the darkness stag naked. The noise only attracted many who ran after him. He was only rescued by a Samaritan by name Moses who offered him some dresses to cover his nakedness.