FIRE pic

The entire population of Malingo, Buea was left amazed in the late hours of Saturday 16 July as many stood to gaze one of the most tragic fire occurrence in Buea history. The fire suspected to have been sparked from the electric cables that passed across this building was no easy one to quench. Onlookers together with the police who reluctantly got to the scene could think of no better option than sand and water. The business building attacked by the fire traded mainly in phone, electronic, designers and other accessories. The shop keepers suspected it could be a result of the fire emanating from the wooden kitchens behind their building. When the fire began at the top floor, attempts to stop it had failed and those at the down floor had started removing things from their stores to reduce the cost of the outbreak and save that which they could. In this process a thief was caught as he saw this as an avenue to enrich himself from that which was packed out of the shops downstairs. His fate therefore left in the hands if the police put some silence in the face of such attack.

The Mayor whom “The Sun” says just returned from abroad 2 hours before the incident however appeared at the scene to sympathize and condole with victims. He carried the victims to a hotel where they were asked to relax and promising help by the government. He added that the council will do anything to make sure such cases are treated with care because it is the government’s duty to take care of such cases and make sure they don’t resort to something else during such difficult moments of life.