In 2008, seven million, six hundred people died of cancer making it the second cause of death worldwide after cardiovascular diseases while Cameroon records about fourteen thousand cases each year with over eight thousand who die. In all these, it estimated that about thirteen to seventeen million people will die in the world each year if care is not taken. All these were the motives for an international scientific conference on the 6 of July at the University of Buea Campus.

The conference organized by the University of Buea in collaboration with the Sinkam Charles Foundation was officiated by the vice chancellor, Dr. Nalova Lyonga and attended by Deans, lecturers, press men and a host of other participants.

Dr Nalova in her officiating address appreciated the efforts and initiative of the Sinkam Charles Foundation to sensitive the Buea inhabitants on cancer. She called on the audience to be keen listeners and participants and put this acquired knowledge to use. She equally promised the organization of many of such conferences to sensitize the entire student body and inhabitants of Buea.

The conference under the theme “innovations in early cancer screening” case studied lung and prostate cancers in detail as participants were drawn into scientific mysteries about cancer. Its main speaker, Prof. Patrick Nana Sinkam of the Ohio University, USA elaborated his talk to enable the audience digest the information. it envisaged kinds of cancer, causes effects and preventive measures. According to him, there is a 50% chance of contracting cancer through smoking and therefore youths should be cautioned on this.

Statistics prove that six thousand cases of cancer are recorded each year with five thousand deaths, most especially women who are more vulnerable to the disease.

His 12year old foundation was therefore formed to assist in such a period of time. Its main objective is to promote socio-cultural development of all those around it

FOSIC as it is popularly called is a Bangou based foundation that has come to aid Cameroonians. It intends to organize a cancer diagnostics at an affordable cost of 1000FCFA, a cheaper price as compared to its normal price

At the end of his elaborate talk, Prof. Sinkam allowed a question and answer session that cleared many doubts. Worth noting was the active participation of the vice chancellor who occasionally popped in contributions. She equally congratulated his ability to put together such bulk of work and the team spirit in their quest to resolve societal issues. Prof. Sinkam’s intelligence and excellence talk earned him an invitation as a visiting lecturer to the University of Buea.