Independence Day indicates the extreme importance in the history of Cameroon. It symbolizes honor and pride. Complete Independence was not granted to a largely colonized Cameroon till 1972 when the constitution of the United Republic of Cameroon was adopted by the Union Nationale Camerounaise headed by President Ahmadou Ahidjo later under the leadership of Paul Biya, The constitution was amended and Cameroon was provided its present name. Since this day, Cameroon celebrates the 20 of May as it is presided over by the head of state in Yaoundé and the governors who represent the head of state in their various regional headquarters.

This day makes us recall the sad memories of martyrs like Charles Okale,Theodore Mayip Matip,A.N Jua and John Ngu Foncha who fought tooth and nail to see the country free from oppression. Some were tortured and others beheaded for the course.

Many Anglophones have argued that Cameroon has no single date of independence. The United Nations Trust Territory known as French Cameroun achieved independence from France on 1st January 1960 and British Southern Cameroons changed status from a Trusteeship under British administration to a federated state on 1st October 1961. Although the French Cameroon celebrates this day with gaiety, Southern Cameroon have in recent times preferred to commemorate 1st October, the day the British flag was finally lowered in the South Cameroon as a more appropriate date for the event.   Many see no need to celebrate this day with the rest of Cameroon. A renound North West lawyer, Barrister Bobga Harmong argues that Anglophones have no reason to celebrate this day as it has no legal backing. Arguments have also been raised with regards to the fact that Southern Cameroon has no airport operational and the ratio of Anglophone ministers in Cameroon to those of French origin. It is glaring that the Anglophones are marginalized since they are the minority in the country. They add that this discrimination is in all aspects; political, economic and even socially as common situations arise in daily life that brings strife.  Secession then becomes the only solution but how able is southern Cameroon to handle its affairs? What will be the outcome of any secession? These are questions that puzzle our minds as we look forward to the unfolding of events in our nation Cameroon. Long live the Republic of Cameroon and long live Cameroon Unification.