Thousands of spectators were drawn from their businesses and home as they watched the mayor of Buea council, Ekema Patrick pull down structures, sheds and roadside business places that pose a threat to effective town planning. The first action saw the pulling down of eating houses, trucks and plank built close to the road. Sources say Mayor Ekema sent out an announcement a month before his first tour cautioning the population. This tour therefore came to effect this. The whole action caused a temporal stand pit on Molyko streets as cars could barely pass freely. As if that had not ended, a similar action occurred as malingo suffered its worst effect. People struggled to preserve their property but the smart guys destroyed and confiscated property to enforce town planning measures.  Shops closed down, activities halted as men frowned at the act.

In a recent development, the council police mounted another show targeting wrong parking on the Malingo Street. Cars that were wrongly parked were carried as the eager crowd watched the scene in amazement.


Business people and inhabitants especially victims have criticized the Mayor, describing him as heartless and wicket. On could watch women sob in pain as they saw their achievements crumble. A few courageous people tried confronting the action but were over powered by council officials.

The Mayor on his part regards this as a step to development. To him, if Buea must develop then such actions are necessary to push its infrastructure ahead.  What then is his next plan of action? A question we look forward to receiving answers as he leads us to an emerging Cameroon.


wrongly parked cars pulled out
roadside structures pulled down
molyko streets